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On this Thanksgiving weekend, I wanted to mention how thankful I am for my family.

My wife: De-Ann. The love of my life and my best friend. The person with whom I have been through a ton of things, both good and bad, easy and difficult. She has stuck with me through the difficult life of being a pastor’s wife. Thank you Sweetie for your unconditional love and care of myself and our family. I love you!

My daughter: Faith. The other “woman” in my life. My princess. I love you Bubba and no matter how old you get you will always be Daddy’s little girl.

My Dad (& Mom). I love you both. Thank you for bringing me up with God being the centre of our family and life. Dad, you taught the value of working hard and that my honour and integrity are worth more than all the money in the world. Mom, even though you are no longer with us, you taught me about caring for those who couldn’t care for themselves. I miss you Mom!

My Big Brother: Paul. You taught me all I know about everything…basketball, being a man of integrity, ministry, preaching, and so many other things. You are so special to me and will always be near and dear to my heart. Words can’t express how much I care about you. Thank you for being my big brother.

My Little Brother: Phil. Thank you for your friendship, it means so much to me. We have been through a lot together. I am so thankful that you and I are more than brothers, we are friends (something you told me a number of years back). Thank you.

My Sisters: Joy & Linette. I am thankful for both of you. Thankful that God gave you both to me as sisters. Joy, thank you for your passion for life and your love for Mom. Linette, thank you for your care for Mom and loving her when it was difficult to. You showed me true grace. Thank you.

Lastly, I am thankful for what Jesus did for me over 2000 years ago, when he chose to die on the cross for my sins. Thankfully he rose again and forgave me of all my sins. Thank you Jesus (Romans 5:8 & 6:23).

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