Day 25…Genesis 30:

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Genesis 30:1-24: More of Jacob’s kids

v.1-8, Rachel became jealous of Leah (her sister) and told Jacob off “give me sons or I’ll die!” Jacob got angry, said “I’m not God, I’m not the one who’s stopping you from having sons. Take it up with God.” So she gave her servant girl (Bilhah) to Jacob to sleep with so Rachel could have a child through her. Bilhah became Jacob’s wife.

Jacob’s kids through Rachel (actually Bilhah):

5. Bilhah had DAN (vindicated). Rachel felt vindicated because God took her side to allow her to have a son through her servant.

6. Bilhah had NAPHTALI (fight). Rachel said “I’ve been in an all-out fight with my sister Leah–I’ve won!

Jacob’s kids through Leah (actually Zilpah):

v.9-13, when Leah realized she wasn’t having anymore children she gave Jacob her servant girl (Zilpah) as his wife.

7. Zilpah had GAD (lucky). Leah said “how fortunate I have been.”

8. Zilpah had ASHER (blessing). Leah said “I’ve been blessed! Women will call me a blessed woman.”

v.14-21, during the harvest Reuben (Leah’s eldest) found some mandrakes (a fruit considered a source of fertility for women). He brought them to his Mom. Rachel asked Leah if should could have some. Leah told Rachel off for taking her husband and now wanting her son’s mandrakes. Rachel made a DEAL that Leah could sleep with Jacob that night if Leah gave her some mandrakes. When Jacob came home Leah told him about the deal/barter and [amazingly enough] Jacob agreed to sleep with Leah. God allowed Leah to have another son, number 5.

Jacob’s kids through Leah…again:

9. Leah had ISSACHAR (bartered/reward). She said “God rewarded me for giving my slave to my husband.

10. Leah had ZEBULUN (honour). She said “God has given me a great gift–my husband will honour me with many gifts–I’ve given him 6 sons.”

11. Leah had DINAH (her only daughter)!

Jacob’s kids through Rachel…again:

v.22-24, God answered Rachel’s prayer and allowed her to have another son.

12. Rachel had JOSEPH (add). She said “God has taken away my humiliation.” She prayed “God, please add yet another son to me.”

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO ME? God allows us to do things we want even though they’re not the way he would have it or want it. Unfortunately Jacob screwed up by allowing his wives to use him to have sons through their servant girls. Funny thing though, is even though this was done the way man/woman would have it, God’s covenant/promise is still being fulfilled!

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? **Pray more, listen more and do less–don’t react. Listen to what God wants me to do and do it as opposed to jump at the first opportunity that comes along. I am going to PRAY and LISTEN for the next 3 months.**

**I wrote this in a very difficult place in my life and because I did what I proposed above, God gave me an amazing opportunity**

Thank you God for helping me to be patient as I waited on you for my next position. Because of my patience you gave me a wonderful, fulfilling and rewarding position at City Centre. Thank you.

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Day 24…Genesis 29: Thanksgiving

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