Day 24…Genesis 29:

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Genesis 29: The love triangle (Jacob, Leah & Rachel)

v.1-3, Jacob set out to the East. On hi way to his Uncle Laban he noticed a well in an open field with 3 flocks waiting to be watered. The well mouth was covered over with a huge stone. When all the flocks finally arrived all the shepherds would TOGETHER roll the huge stone from the well then they would give all the sheep water and return the stone back to the mouth of the well.

v.4-6, Jacob had a convo the shepherd. He asked them where they were from (Haran) and then he asked do they know Laban (yes) and how is he doing (fine). Just then Rachel, Laban’s daughter was spotted…

v.7-8, Jacob asked why hadn’t they watered there flock and gone back to having the sheep grazing because there was still lots of daylight <— shepherds traditionally watered flock at dusk so they could get away from the extreme heat. The shepherds explained it takes all of them to remove the stone, then they all water their flocks.

v.9-14, while Jacob was having this convo Rachel finally arrived with Laban’s flock (she was a shepherd). As soon as Jacob spotted her he went and single-handedly rolled the stone from the well and then watered his Uncle Laban’s flock. Then he kissed Rachel and started to cry. He told her he was related to her, he was Laban’s sister’s son [cousins]. She ran and told her Dad the news and Laban ran out to meet him, hugged and kissed him and then brought him back to his home. Jacob told Laban all that had happened to him. Laban told him to stay as long as he needed because he was family.

v.15-20, when Jacob had been living with Laban a month, Laban told Jacob just because they were related didn’t mean Jacob could get paid–“name your price.” Laban had 2 daughters: Leah (eldest-nice eyes) and Rachel (youngest-gorgeous). Jacob loved Rachel! Jacob answered Laban, he will work for 7 YEARS for his youngest daughter, RACHEL. Laban agreed. Jacob did as he promised and worked 7 years–to Jacob it didn’t seem long because he loved her!


v.21-30, after 7 years Jacob cam to Laban to get Rachel. He was ready to get married and consummate their marriage. Laban invited everyone and had a big wedding feast. In the evening he took his eldest LEAH and gave her to Jacob instead of Rachel. Jacob slept with her not knowing she was Leah. He realized it the next morning. Jacob confronted Jacob and asked why he did such a thing. Jacob felt cheated that he had fulfilled his part of the deal and Laban hadn’t. Laban’s excuse: he didn’t marry off his YOUNGEST before the ELDEST. He agreed to give Rachel to Jacob but only if he worked another 7 YEARS! Jacob agreed. After he was done his week of honeymoon with Leah Laban gave him Rachel to be his wife. Jacob slept with her and loved her MORE than Leah. Then he worked another 7 years.

v.31-35, God saw Leah was UNLOVED so he allowed her to have children BUT made Rachel barren.

Jacob’s kids through Leah:

1. Leah had REUBEN (look it’s a boy). She thought now that I have given my husband a boy, he will love me.

2. Leah had SIMEON (God heard). She said God heard her she was unloved and gave her another son.

3. Leah had LEVI (connect). She said now maybe my husband will connect with me.

4. Leah had JUDAH (praise God).  She said this time I will praise God.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? God has a sense of humour. He accomplishes all his will despite us as he did despite the trickery Laban played on Jacob. Out of this cruel trick Jacob will fulfill God’s promise to Abraham to be a Father of many nations (through both Leah…& Rachel…later).

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Keep trusting and praying God because I have no idea what God is doing and why. But I know he has mine and my family’s best interest in whatever he ends up doing.

God, I trust you even though I don’t understand why or what you are doing.

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