Day 21…Genesis 27:

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Genesis 27: Jacob tricks his Dad Issac

v.1-4, Issac had become very old and blind. He told his oldest son Esau to go, hunt him some game and fix it the way Issac likes it. Bring it to him so he can eat it and he can give Esau his PERSONAL BLESSING before Issac dies.

v.5-10, Rebekah was eavesdropping as Issac was speaking to Esau. As soon as Esau left Rebekah told what she had heard. Then she told Jacob to go and get 2 of the best young goats from the flock. Then she prepared the hearty meal, the way Issac loved it. Then Jacob can take the meal to Issac and he would give Esau’s blessing to Jacob!

v.11-13, Jacob protested because Esau was a hairy dude and Jacob had smooth skin, what happens if Issac touches him? He’ll know Jacob is trying to trick him and instead he will receive a curse! Rebekah told Jacob if it comes to that she would take the curse upon herself and go and get the goats.

v.14-21, Jacob went and brought the goats to his Mom and she prepared it exactly the way Issac loves it. Then Rebekah took of Esau’s clothes and put them on Jacob and took goat skins to cover his hands and neck. She gave the prepared meal with fresh bread to Jacob to take to his father… this is how the convo went:

J: Father?

I: Which son are you?

J: I’m Esau. I’ve done what you told me. Sit up and eat the meal I have hunted for you so you can give me your blessing.

I: So soon? How did you get it so quickly?

J: Because your God cleared the way for me.

I: Come closer son, let me touch you–are you really my son Esau?

v.22-25, Jacob moved closer to his father. Issac felt him and said “the voice is Jacobs but the hands are the hands of Esau.” Just as he was about to bless Jacob, Issac pressed “you’re sure you are my son Esau?” “YES!” Then Issac told Jacob to bring the food to him so he can eat it and give Jacob his blessing. So he did as he was told and also brought wine for his Dad to drink.

v.26-29, then Issac told Jacob to come closer and kiss him. Issac smelled the clothes of Esau and finally he blessed Jacob [NOT ESAU]:

“Ahhh, the smell of my son is like the smell of the open country blessed by God. May God give you of Heaven’s dew and Earth’s bounty of grain and wine. May peoples serve you and nations honour you. You will master your brothers and your Mom’s son will honour you. Those who curse you will be cursed. Those who bless  you will be blessed.” (MSG)

v.30-37, right after Issac blessed Jacob and Jacob left, Esau arrived from the hunt. He also prepared a hearty meal for his Dad. He came to his Dad and told him he was here to receive his blessing, so sit up and eat. Issac asked who he was? Of course, Esau told him he was his firstborn son–Esau. [At that moment Issac realized he had been tricked] and he started to tremble and shake violently. Then he told Esau he had just finished a meal and blessed his other son–Jacob “He’s blessed for good.” Esau started to sob bitterly and violently and asked if Issac could also bless him. Issac told Esau that Jacob had come and DECEIVED him and took Esau’s blessing! Esau said “not for nothing was he named Jacob, the heel. Twice now he’s tricked me: 1st my birthright; 2nd: my blessing!” Esau begged Issac to give him a blessing that he might have held back for him. Issac told him the Jacob has been made his master because of this blessing and all his brothers will serve him. There is no blessing left for Esau!

v.38-40, Esau begged if Issac to bless him also. Does he only have one blessing to give? Esau sobbed! But Issac gave Esau the opposite of a blessing:

“You’ll live far from Earth’s bounty, remote from Heaven’s dew. You’ll live by the sword, hand-to-mouth, and you’ll serve your brother. But when you can’t take it anymore you’ll break loose and run free.” (MSG)

v.41-46, Esau decided in anger that after his Dad’s death he was going to kill Jacob. When Rebekah got word of Esau’s plot she told Jacob and told him to run his life to Haran to her brother Laban, to live with him until Esau cools down. And Esau forgets what Jacob has done. Rebekah told Jacob that she will send for him when this happens. Saying “why should I loose both of you on the same day?” Then Rebekah complains to Issac about the wives of Esau and says she might as well be dead if Jacob marries one as well [drama queen]

[The video below is kinda cheezy but it gets the point across except for the end?! haha…]

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? Again even though this is not what God wanted, he allows us to do our own thing. I’m sure he would rather have given his promise through the proper channels instead of through lies and trickery.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I really don’t know…it seems like Abraham and his family (and those who have hurt me) keep getting away with lying and sin BUT I need to trust God and his plan. And someday those who have hurt me and my family will be dealt with.

God, please help me to leave all my hurts in your hands and trust you have everything worked out in the end.

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