Day 19…Genesis 25:

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Genesis 25: Jacob & Esau (older serves the younger)

v.1-4, Abraham remarried Keturah and she gave him 5 sons.

v.5-11, Abraham gave everything he had to his son Issac. While Abraham was still living he also gave gifts to the sons of his concubines and then sent them away to the East, away from Issac. Abraham lived 175 yrs and then died. His sons Ishmael and Issac buried him in the same cave their mother (Sarah) was buried in. After Abraham’s death, God blessed Issac and he lived in Beer Lahai Roi.

v.12-18, the family tree of Ishmael (Abraham & Hagar’s son)–12 tribes of Ishmael. Ishmael lived 137 yrs and then died and was buried with his family. He children lived all the way from Havilah (near Egypt) eastward to Shur (toward Assyria). The Ishmaelites all fought among each other.

v.19-20, the family tree of Issac (Abraham & Sarah’s son). Issac was 40 yrs when he married Rebekah. Rebekah was barren so Issac prayed HARD to God. God answered his prayer and Rebekah became pregnanent. But her children (twins) where struggling with each other so much so that Rebekah wanted to die! She went to God and found out what was going on…

“2 nations are in your womb! 2 people butting heads! 1 person will overpower the other! The OLDER will serve the YOUNGER!”

v.24-26, Rebekah gave birth to twins: 1st kid came out reddish as if he was a hairy blanket she named his Esau (hairy); 2nd kid came out grabbing onto the heel of the Esau so she named him Jacob (heel). Issac was 60 yrs.

v.27-28, as the boys grew up Issac loved Esau more (who became a expert hunter, outdoorsman). And Rebekah loved Jacob more (who was quiet and preferred living inside the tent, homebody).

v.29-30, one day Jacob was cooking a stew when Esau came in from the field starving and exhausted. He told Jacob to give him the red stew because he was starved. He was also called Edom (red).

v.31-34, This is how Esau lost his rights to his inheritance…. Jacob told him to make him a trade–his STEW for Esau’s BIRTHRIGHT (inheritance) as the firstborn [not a close trade]. Esau agreed because he thought what good is an inheritance if he was dead!! [a bit over dramatic…don’t you think?] Jacob made Esau swear to him and of course he did! [idiot!] Jacob gave him bread and the stew of lentils. Esau ate and drank and then left.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? Don’t let anything other than you HEAD (HEART) dictate your actions, especially not your stomach. This goes for desires, lust, etc!

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I’m going to continue to pray and not let my fear dictate what I will do next!

God, please give De-Ann and I the courage to get through the next few months. Help us to leave all the worry with you and let you do what you will best. Please help us to do just that!

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