Day 18…Genesis 24:

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Genesis 24: Issac & Rebekah

v.1-9, Abraham was old now but God blessed him in many ways. Abraham spoke to his servant in charge of his household and got them to swear that they will not get a wife for his son Issac from among the Canaanites but go to his birth place and a wife there. Servant: what if the woman refuses to come with me? Do I take Issac back with me? Abraham: NO, never bring him back there! God took me from there and spoke a promise to me–“I’m giving you this land to your descendants.” God will send his angel ahead of you and you can get my son a wife from there. If the woman doesn’t want to come back with you, then you’ll be free from this oath that you swear to me. But don’t take my son back there. So the servant swore an oath as Abraham commanded.

v.10-14, the servant took 10 camels and loaded gifts from Abraham and travelled to Aram Naharaim, Nahor’s city. Outside the city he stopped at the well where his camels kneeled. It was evening, the time when the women would go out to draw water. Then he prayed “God make me successful as I ask a girl for a drink of water from her jar. If she answers ‘yes and I’ll give one to your camels’ let her be the one you have chosen for Issac.

v.15-23, before he had finished praying Rebekah came with her jar on her shoulder. She was gorgeous and a virgin. She went to the spring, filled her jar and came back. The servant ran to meet her and ask for a drink. She agreed and gave him a drink. When his thirst was satisfied  she also gave water to his camels until they were full. The servant watched in silence as she did as she said. He wondered if this was the girl? When the camel finished drinking the servant brought out gifts (gold nose ring & gold bracelet) and he asked her about her family and if there was room in her father’s house for him to stay the night?

v.24-28, Rebekah told the servant who her Dad (Bethuel) was and said there was plenty of room for him to stay over. Then the servant bowed and worshipped God right there! He thanked God for his faithfulness and leading him to Abraham’s relatives. Rebekah ran off to tell her family everything that had happened.

v.29-41, Rebekah’s brother (Laban) after seeing the nose ring and bracelet on his sister ran out to get the servant and tell him to come back to the house, it is prepared for him and his camels. So he followed Laban to the house and stayed there that night as his camels were given straw and feed. He was given water to wash his feet and food to eat BUT he told them that he wasn’t going to eat anything until he said what he came there to say… “I am Abraham’s servant who has become weathly, the Lord has given him much including a son and my master has passed on everything he has to his son Issac. My master made me swear an oath to not get a wife from the Canaanites, instead go to my father’s home, to my relatives, get his son a wife. I asked my master, what if woman won’t come back with me? He told me ‘God will send an angel with you and make things work out so you will bring back a wife for my son from my family. If they don’t give you a woman for my son, you will be free of the oath.’

v.42-49, the servant cont’d... to tell them of how he came to the spring today and prayed that God would make his trip successful and he went onto explain all that he prayed and all that happened. How he asked for a drink of water and Rebekah not only gave him a drink but she also gave some to his camels…as he had prayed. Then how he asked about her family and then gave her the gifts, then he worshipped God for bringing him right to the door of his master’s family to get a wife for Issac. The servant said ‘now tell me what you’re going to do. If you plan to respond with a generous yes, tell me. If not, tell me plainly so I can figure out what to do next.’

v.50-61, Laban & Bethuel answered “this is TOTALLY from God. We have no say in the matter. Rebekah is yours, take her and go. She will become the wife of your master’s son as the Lord had planned it.” When the servant heard the decision he bowed and worshipped God again! He brought out gifts of silver and gold and clothing to give to Rebekah. He also gave expensive gifts to her brother and mother. Then he and his men ate, drank and spent the night. Then they got up the next morning and the servant said “let me go back to my master.” Rebekah’s Mom & brother said “let her stay another 10 days and then go.” The servant said “don’t delay me now the Lord has worked everything out. Just send me off to my master.” They said “let’s call Rebekah and ask her.” They did and she said she was ready to GO! So they sent Rebekah (he maids) and the servant (and his men) on their way with a blessing


v.62-67, Issac had just come back from a visit at Beer Lahai Roi to where he was living in Negev. In the evening he went out into the field to meditate. He looked up and saw camels coming. Rebekah saw Issac [for the first time] and got off her camel and asked he was. The servant told her it was his master. Rebekah covered her face up with a veil. After the servant told Issac the whole story he took Rebekah into his Mom’s tent and married her. She became his wife and he loved her very much. Issac found comfort from his new wife after his Mom’s death.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? God keeps his promises. He started to fulfill his covenant with Abraham to him the Father of Many Nations…now he continues the promise through Issac and Rebekah!

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I need to trust God to care for us! Everything from De-Ann’s job, staying home possibly, Faith, our possible son, etc. Even though sometimes it looks like things aren’t going to work out and I should just give up, I need to lean on God to fulfill his promise to me/us–he will take care of his children.

God, I am asking that you take care of my family. Thank you for taking care of finding me a job. Now I ask that you make it a place I can stay for a long long time, a place where I feel fulfilled in. I will flourish, I will honour you with my gifts, and on and on. Also please help us sell our house and find one that De-Ann absolutely loves! And help us to know if De-Ann should stay working or come home. Lastly please help us with this next adoption. If it be your will please help it to go smoothly without any problems. I need to trust you that you will fulfill your promises to us!!


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