Day 17…Genesis 23:

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Genesis 23: Sarah Dies

v.1-6, Sarah was 127 yrs old when she died in Kiriath Arba (Hebron today) in Canaan. Abraham mourned and wept for her. He went and spoke to the Hittites about a burial plot. He told them he knew he was an outsider but they please give him a place to bury his wife decently. They told him he wasn’t an outsider (but a Prince of God) and he could burry his wife in the best burial site he wants.

v.7-16, Abraham asked that they help to speak to Ephron to get the Cave of Machpelah at full price. No special treatment. Ephron was present at the meeting and he spoke up and told Abraham (w/ the Hittite council listening) he couldn’t sell it to him, but he can give it to Abraham — “it’s yours, a gift. I will give the cave to you…” Abraham insisted he be allowed to pay. Ephron relented and suggested 400 silver shekels for the land to bury Sarah. Abraham accepted Ephron’s offer and paid him with the whole town council as witnesses.

v.17-20, Abraham finally buried his wife Sarah on now his own property — field, cave, trees and its borders all next to Mamre.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? Simply God had taken care of Abraham and his family. Even in a difficult time of the death of his wife. Abraham didn’t have to go through all kinds of red tape to get a decent burial plot for her which could have been very messy if the Hittites refused. God took care of everything even the legalizing of him purchasing the land to finally bury Sarah.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I need to take this simple experience of God taking care of a mundane thing as buying a burial plot and realize God is trustworthy to take care of the BIG things in life as well as the LITTLE things. So he will provide a buyer for our house. He will also provide a house we can afford in Mississauga but in his timing not mine. I need to be satisfied with where he has us now and continue to PRAY, LISTEN and STAY CONNECTED [I sound like a broken record…]

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