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Besides being a husband and father I am also a cat owner. We actually have 3 cats: Oscar (alpha male), Felix (cuddler) and Sherwin (pretty boy). We affectionately call them “The Boys.”

Unfortunately Felix has been getting progressively worse since the summer. He has been favouring his back legs, it is as if he has a limp. But just recently Felix has been dragging his back legs or sometimes wobbling.

Anyway, we took him to see the vet back in the summer and we were told he needed to be on a diet. So we put him on diet food. That really didn’t work so just last week we took him to the vet again, this time Felix was not impressed and wouldn’t allow the vet to properly examine him. So it was decided he go see a specialist.

Today I took him to see a specialist in Toronto and he was able to completely examine Felix without any hissing or swatting unlike our vet. Hmmmm…. Anyway the doctor told us Felix either has lymphoma or a problem with his spine. His brain isn’t getting the signal to his feet were they are. There are a few ways to treat him but each of them are very expensive. So we went with the least expensive. He is on a special medication that will fight the lymphoma and help with an inflammation on his spine. We should see some change in a few days the doctor said. But like all the treatments nothing is going to bring him back to the way he was and won’t be permanent.

BTW Felix is not in any pain…that much is good news!

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