Day 15…Genesis 21:

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Genesis 21: Issac is finally BORN! Ishmael is DISCARDED!

v.1-7, as God promised Sarah got pregnant and had as son! Both Abraham (100) and Sarah were very old! Abraham named his son ISSAC. When he was 8 days old he was circumcised as God commanded.

Sarah said, “God blessed me with laughter and all who get the news will laugh with me. Whoever suggested to Abraham that Sarah would one day nurse a baby. Yet here I am. I’ve given the old boy a son.”

v.8-13, Issac grew and Abraham threw a party on the day his son was weaned. One day Sarah saw Ishmael (Son of Hagar) poking fun at Issac (her son). She told Abraham to get rid of him and his mother. She didn’t want Ishmael (slave) to share Issac’s inheritance. Abraham was very upset about the whole matter, afterall Ishmael was his son too. God told Abraham to do as Sarah said and send off Hagar & Ishmael. Your descendants will come from Issac.  However Hagar’s son (Ishmael) will also develop a great NATION. Don’t worry!

v.14-16, Abraham got up early the next morning and packed up some food/water for Hagar & Ishmael and sent both of them away. They wandered off into the desert of Beersheba. When the water ran out Hagar left her son under a shrub to die. Then she walked far enough away (50 yards) so she couldn’t see/hear him die. He cried.

v.17-19, God heard Ishmael cry and an angel asked Hagar what was wrong and told her not to be afraid God knows what you are going through. And to pick up her son and hold him tight. “God is going to make him a great nation.” Just then God opened Hagar’s eyes and she could see a well full of water. She went up to it and filled her canteen and gave her soon a cool drink.

v.20-21, God was on the boy’s side as her grew up. He lived in the desert and became a skilled archer where he lived (Paran Wilderness). His mom got him an Egyptian wife.

v.22-24, ABOUT THE SAME TIME… Abimelech & Phicol (Captain of the kings troops) reminded Abraham that God was on his side and asked him to swear he wouldn’t do anything underhanded to him and his family. Abraham agreed.

v.25-32, Abraham confronted Abimelech over the matter of a well that had been taken from him by some of Abimelech’s servants. Of course he had no idea this had happened so they made a covenant | oath…

Abraham took sheep & cattle & set aside 7 female sheep and gave them to Abimelech. Abimelech asked why 7 sheep? Abraham said by accepting these 7 sheep it is proof that Abraham dug the well and that is why the place is called Beersheba (Oath Well) because they both sore an oath there.

They parted ways and Abraham planted a tamarisk tree and worshipped God. He lived in Philistine land for a long time.

**the following answers are from a past experience but it was very helpful in showing what God taught me***

WHAT did THIS MEAN TO ME? Even though it looked like situations are dire and God has abandoned me/us–he is always there. Hagar & Ishmael thought that they were going to die but God provided for them through a miracle of a well and a cool drink of water. Same thing DID happen in our weird situation. God provided a new opportunity for me and eventually he will provide a new home for us as well–to thrive in. God has provided and will provide.

WHAT was I GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS? I decide to keep being faithful where God had me, even though it was very painful, I continued to be God’s servant where he planted me. Most importantly I stayed “connected to the Vine” (John 15).

Thank you God for your faithfulness to provide. Please continue to help me to trust that you will provide a new home for us soon!

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