Day 13…Genesis 19:30-38:

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Genesis 19: Lot & his daughters

v.30, Lot left the little town of Zoar and went into the mountains to live with his 2 daughter in a cave. He was afraid to live in Zoar because it wasn’t safe.

v.31-32, the older daughter speaking to the younger, realized that their dad was getting old and there were no men in sight to keep their family line alive. So she suggested the get Lot drunk and each of them sleep with him to have children…only way to keep their family line alive.

v.33-35, the got Lot drunk and the oldest daughter slept with him. He was oblivious. The next morning the oldest daughter reported back to the younger and told her tonight was her turn. So that night they got him drunk and she slept with him too.

v.36-38, their acts of incest produced 2 sons. Older daughter had MOAB (ancestor of the Moabites) and the younger had BEN-AMMI (ancestor of the Ammorites).

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? Goes back to the lesson of not taking matters into my own hands. These 2 daughters chose to sleep (have incest) with their dad to keep their family name alive but they could have simply asked God…or even moved back to the small town. They could have done many RIGHT things instead of sinning against their dad and God! God ALLOWS us to do what we want even if it isn’t his BEST for us.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I have to learn from these daughters’ mistakes and ask God for direction. To not do anything until God gives it. Not take things into my own hands unfortunately as these daughters did.

God, please help me to have the wisdom and courage to wait especially if I think I have the right solution or think I know what is right in my eyes or what will make me happy.

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