Day 12…Genesis 18:16-19:29:

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Genesis 18: Abraham pleads for Sodom & Gomorrah

v.16-19, As the men were leaving they walked towards Sodom and Abraham tagged along to say good-bye. The Lord said

“shall I hide from Abraham what I am going to do, since he is going to be a great nation and all nations will be blessed through him? I have decided that he is going to be the one to train his children and future household to observe God’s way of life, live kindly, generously, and fairly, so that God can complete in Abraham what he promised!”

v.20-21, Lord told Abraham the outcry of the victims in Sodom & Gomorrah are deafening and their sins are GREVIOUS! He is going to see for himself what they’re doing is as bad as the cries, then I will know.

v.22, the 3 men set off for Sodom but Abraham stood in their way then he started a conversation that led to saving Lot & his daughter.

v.23-33, Abraham pleads for Sodom. He says “are you serious? Are you going to destroy the GOOD with the BAD? What if there is 50 good (righteous)?” God told him he would spare everyone for the sake of 50. Then 45, then 40, then 30, then 20. Finally TEN! This time Abraham said “don’t be angry, will you spare the whole city for 1o good?” God said he would and then he left. Now there are only 2 men…

Genesis 19:1-29: Sodom & Gomorrah are DESTROYED!

v.1-3, the two men (or angels) arrived at Sodom in the evening and Lot was sitting at the gate. He got up and went to meet them. He begged them to stay the night at his house, wash their feet and be refreshed and then be on their way the next morning. But they refused and told him they would rather sleep in the street. Lot insisted so they finally relented and went with Lot. Lot fixed a hot meal for them to eat.

v.4-5, before they had gotten to bed the men (young & old) from all over the city surrounded the house and yelled to Lot to bring them out so they can have sex with them.

v.6-8, Lot went out to them and locked the door behind them and begged them to not be so vile and even offered his 2 virgin daughter instead of his guest (shocking how sinful Lot is!)

v.9-11, they told Lot to get lost and told him off for telling them how to live their life, it was none of his business as an outsider. They threatened that they would treat him worse than they will his guests. Then they charged past Lot  to break down the door but  men (angels) reached outside and grabbed Lot, pulled him inside and locking the door and struck the men with BLINDNESS!

v.12-14, the 2 men (angels) asked Lot if there were anyone else in the city that were his family? “Get them out now, we’re going to destroy the city! The outcries of the innocent have reached God and we are here to destroy this place.” Lot went to  warn his daughter’s finacees BUT they thought he was joking and ignored him.

v.15-17, at daybreak the 2 men (angels) pushed Lot to leave with his *wife and *2 daughters. “Hurry up” before it is too late and you’re caught in the punishment of this terrible city.” Lot was dragging his feet so the men grabbed him and his *family and dragged them to safety outside the city. When they arrived outside the city the men (angels) told Lot and his family to “RUN for the HILLS” or they would be destroyed along with the rest of the city.

v.18-22, again Lot protested he knew they liked him so he told them he didn’t want to run for the mountains because he was concerned something terrible (die) was going to happen there, so he suggested a small town (Zoar) nearby instead. They agreed and told Lot they wouldn’t destroy the little town, again they told him to run because they can’t do anything until Lot got there.

v.23-26, by the time Lot reached Zoar the sun had risen and God rained down brimstone and fire on Sodom & Gomorrah — destroyed everything!!! Unfortunately Lot’s wife looked back and turned to a PILLAR OF SALT!

v.27-29, early the next morning Abraham got up and looked to where Sodom & Gomorrah used to be and all he could see was smoke rising from the ground like a furnace. This is the story of God destroying Sodom & Gomorrah but still saving Abraham’s family, Lot,before he destroyed Lot’s sinful home.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? God is a merciful God who wants to save those who believe (or follow), even when he is ready to destroy our home or livelihood (job, career). He still loves me and my family and will faithfully take care of us (saves us).

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Trust that God has my best interest in mind. That God knows what’s best and will lead me there. I just need to be faithful and listen carefully. Even when I don’t understand–like the way he destroyed Lot’s home.

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