Day 10…Genesis 17:

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Genesis 17: God’s covenant honoured | circumcision

v.1-8, God showed up to Abram and reminded him of his covenant saying “I will give you a huge family.” Abram was overwhelmed by the news that he fell on his face. God again said “you’ll be the father of many nations – father of fathers – kings will come from you – this covenant is forever…” God promised not only that Abram would have many children but the land he was living on is his as well (Canaan) forever!      ….v.3, Abram name was changed to Abraham

v.9-14, God told Abram he must honour the covenant by having all the males in his household CIRCUMCISED (cutting off foreskin of penis–sign of God’s permanent covenant between God and his descendants). Every male baby for now on will be circumcised at 8 days old. This includes not only his own children but also non-blood kin, slaves, any male brought into his family from the inside. Any UNCIRCUMCISED male will be cut off from Abram’s people–he has broken the covenant.

v.15-16, Sarai will no longer be called Sarah. God said “I will bless her and I’ll give you [Abram] a son by her.” Nations will come from her & kings will come from her.

v.17, Abraham fell flat on his face and LAUGHED at the thought. “Can a 100 yr old man have a child? And can Sarah 90 yrs old have a baby?”

v.18-19, then Abraham said to God “let Ishmael be my heir.” But God told him that isn’t what he meant, Sarah will have a child, a son name him ISSAC (laughter). God then said he is going to establish his covenant with Issac and his descendants that lasts forever.

v.20-22, God then told Abraham he will bless Ishmael, he will be the father of 12 princes & he will be a great nation. BUT God said he will make his promise to Issac and this time next year Sarah will give birth to him.

v.23-27, Abraham and his son Ishmael (& all the other males in his household) and circumcised them, just as God had told him to do. Abraham was 99 & Ishamael was 13 when they were circumcised — same day.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? I think God is saying I have to play a part in his will (covenant) with me. I have to do MY PART. Live my life honouring God, pray and spend time developing my relationship with him.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I covenant today, no matter what, from this day forward God, I will put aside this time each morning with you. No matter how tired I am I will spend this time with you developing our relationship.

God, please hold me to this covenant!

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