Day 8…Genesis 15:

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Genesis 15: God’s covenant to Abram

v.1, Abram had a vision from God saying “don’t be afraid (or concerned) God says I will be your shield (protection) your reward will be very great!”

v.2-3, But Abram kinda complains to God, that’s all well and good but “what good is all this if I’m childless?! Eliezer of Damascus (servant in Abram’s house) is going to inherit everything.

v.4-5, God replies back, “he will not be your heir, a SON from your own body will be your heir.” Then God took Abram outside and showed him all the stars. Asked Abram to count the stars and of course he couldn’t because of how numerous they were. The same is going to be true of Abram’s family.

v.6, Abram believed God!!! Because of his faith he was declared righteous (set apart with God).

v.7, as God brought Abram out of Ur of Chaldees and gave him ALL the land (13:14-17)

v.8, Abram asks an obvious question, but a good one: “how will I know that it is all mine?”

v.9-12, it was like God had to prove himself to Abram…God asked Abram to perform a ritual with a heifer, goat and ram (3 yrs old) and a dove & pigeon. He cut them in half (down the middle) and lay halves opposite each other. However he did not cut the birds in half. Vultures came down on the carcasses but Abram scared them off. As the sun was setting Abram fell into a deep sleep and he had a sense of dread, dark and have came over him.

v.13-16, God told Abram (in the dream) your descendants will be slaves and beaten for 4oo years. Live like outsiders in a land that is not their own. However God will punish the slave masters and your descendants will come out of that land with great possessions—> “BUT not you Abram, you will have a long life and die in peace. But this will not happen until the 4th generation of your descendants. Sin is till a thriving business among the Amorites.”

v.17-21, Sun was down and it was dark, a smoking fire pot and flaming torch moved between the split carcasses and God made a covenant with Abram:

I’m giving this land to your descendants, from the Nile River to Egypt to River Euphrates in Assyria.”

WHAT did THIS MEAN TO ME? I need to trust God when he says she will promise something. BUT I can test him as Abram did and ask him to prove himeslf. So I asked God to please show me if he wanted me to stay or go.

WHAT was I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! Ask God to make it clear what he wants me to do next — ministry, life, etc???

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