Day 7…Genesis 14:

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Genesis 14: The war between the 2 groups of kings

v.1-2, There was a war against TWO groups of KINGS: *Group 1 | King Amraphel (Shinar), King Arioch (Ellasar), King Kedorlaomer (Elam), King Tidal (Goiim) <—> Group 2 | King Bera (Sodom), King Birsha (Gomorrah), King Shinab (Admah), King Shember (Zeboiim), King Zoar (Bela)

v.3-4, the war started at the valley of Siddom (Salt Sea). 2nd group of Kings had been under the thumb of King Kedorlaomer for 12 years. The war or revolt happened on the 13th year.

v.5-7, on the 14th year King Kedorlaomer & the 1st group of *kings went on a war rampage and defeated the Rephaites, Zuzites, Emites, Horites & as far as El Paran. Then they turned back and went to Kadesh and conquered the whole territory of  the Amalekites & the Amorites.

v.8-9, this is when the war against the TWO group of kings happened in the Valley of Siddom. 4 kings against 5!

v.10-12, Valley of Siddom was full of tar pits. When the Kings of Sodom & Gomorrah fled they fell into the tar pits but the rest escaped to the mountains. Group 1 captured all of Sodom & Gomorrah’s possessions, food, equipment including LOT (Abram’s nephew) who was living in Sodom at the time.

v.13-16, an escapee reported to Abram what happened. Abram lined up his servants (318) and chased after the captors of Lot all the way to Dan. Abram & his men split into 2 groups and attacked by night. They chased as far as North of Damascus. They recovered everything/everyone that had been taken including Lot.

v.17-20, after Abram’s victory he was greeted by the King of Sodom in the Valley of Shaveh (King’s Valley). Melchizedek King of Salem & High Priest brought out bread & wine to bless Abram:

“Blessed be Abram by the high God Creator of heaven & earth. And blesed be the High God who handed your enemies over to you.”

Abram gave 10th of everything he recovered to Mechizedek — tithe?

v.21, King of Sodom told Abram he could keep all the possessions but please return the people.

v.22-24, Abram told the king of Sodom that he swore an oath to God that he would not accept anything belonging to the king, not even a thread or a shoestring so that the king will never be able to say “I made Abram rich.” The only thing that Abram “took” was the food his men ate. And let my men: Aner, Eshcol, Mamre get their share of the plunder.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO ME? I believe God will fight my battles for me if they’re worth fighting and I’m faithful.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Be faithful even in the little things. And most importantly allow God to fight my battle for me…for now on.

God, help me to continue to be faithful even when it is hard to be so.

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