Day 6…Genesis 13:

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Genesis 13: Abram & Lot part ways

v.1-4, after Abram was run out of Egypt, he went back to the Negev (Lot still with him). Both Abram and Lot were very rich by now. They moved to Bethel (actually between Bethel & Ai). Where Abram built an altar to God earlier (12:8). Then Abram prayed to God.

v.5-7, both Abram & Lot had too many possessions and they both couldn’t live in Bethel. The shepherds from both camps were fighting and to make matters worse the Canaanites and Perizzites also lived in the land.

v.8-9, Abram said let’s stop fight, there is plenty of land for all of us. Besides we’re family! Let’s separate, if you go left I’ll go right and vice versa.

v.10-13, Lot saw to the East, the plain of Jordan, well watered, like Egypt stretching all the way to Zoar. This was his choice–East. So Abram (Uncle) and Lot (nephew) separated. Abram in Canaan & Lot pitched his tent near Sodom. People of Sodom were evil–sinners against God.

v.14-17, God again (12:3) promised a great family. He will have so many descendants it will be impossible to count like the dust of the earth. God said “all the land before you [N,E,S,W] I will give to you and your children forever!

v.18, Abram settled by the Oaks of Mamre in Hebron and bulit an altar to God.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? God keeps his promises and even though it is not the way Abram or Lot wanted it, God does keep his promises. God knows the big picture (I don’t) so I need to follow even if I am unsure of why God is doing what he is doing. At one time I asked God “is where I am, my Lot?”

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Listen real careful to God’s prompting even if I am not sure where he is leading [shut up and listen!] And I don’t like where he is leading. I know God is going to provide for us so I need to listen and just be faithful where he has me now. Wow!!

God, help me to listen and shut up. And remember you are faithful and you always provide for us. Thank you.

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