Day 5…Genesis 12:

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Genesis 12: Abram lies about his wife

v.1, God told Abram to leave his country to go an unknown place that God would show him.

v.2, God promised Abram that he would make him a great nation. “Bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.”

v.4-6, Abram obeyed! Lot (his nephew) left with him as long as Sarai Abram’s wife. Abram was 75 when he left Haran to get to Canaan. The Canaanites are still in Canaan.

v.7-9, God appeared to Abram and told him he will give this land to his children so Abram built an altar to God. Then Abram moved to the East of Bethel and pitched his tent between Bethel & Ai, built an altar to God and prayed. Then he kept moving to Negev.

v.10-15, Famine came so Abram moved to live in Egypt and as he got close he told his wife Sarai to lie and say she was Abram’s sister because she was beautiful–>he feared that when the Egyptians saw how beautiful she was they would kill him and take her as his wife. When the Egyptians saw how beautiful she was they told Pharoah and she went to live with him.

v.16-17, Abram got lots of stuff because of Sarai (sheep, cattle, donkeys, servants and camels). It was like Abram prostituted his wife for his own gain. But God made everyone sick in Pharoah’s home because of Sarai.

v.18-19, Pharaoh figured out what was going on and called Abram to confront him. “Why didn’t you tell that Sarai is your wife? Why did you lie and say she was your sister?” Then Pharaoh gave back Sarai to Abram and told them to leave Egypt. And ordered his men to get him out of the country.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? Abram didn’t trust God to protect him and his wife and made HIS OWN plan. I think I am doing the same. Even though I know God has a plan to get us to eventually live where my new job/church is I am having a hard time trusting. So of course I am trying to think of ways to make this happen–my own plan. But what I should really be doing is trusting and praying.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I need to trust God even though I don’t how he is going to do it, I know he will provide. He always has. I know he will sell our house and find us an amazing house in his time. I just need to trust!!!

God, help me to trust you and let you be you!

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We feel loved! Day 6…Genesis 13:

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