Day 4…Genesis 9-11:

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Genesis 9: God confirms his Covenant

v.1-2, God told Noah and his family to go onto the earth and have children. Every living creature (birds, mammals, fish, etc) will be afraid of humans. But you’re responsible for them as well.

v.3-4, just as God gave humans plants to eat, now God gives humans everything else except meat with its LIFEBLOOD in it. ( the blood should be drained. Blood represents life and draining the blood it indicates there is no longer life in the animal–it is really dead)

v.5-7, God then said he would avenge anything (animals or humans) that sheds=kills another humans being. Because God made humans in his own image reflecting God’s nature.

v.8-10, God spoke to Noah & his sons that he was going to set-up a Covenant with him, his sons and all their descendants & every living creature on the earth.

v.11, THE COVENANT: Never again will flood water kill ALL living things. NEVER again will I [God] destroy the whole earth with a flood!

v.12-17, And God gave a sign to prove it … THE RAINBOW! Every time clouds form over the earth a rainbow will appear as well. “This is the way of remembering my [God’s] covenant between me and you, that never again will flood water destroy all life.

v.18-28, unfortunately this is the story of Noah getting drunk on the very first vineyard planted. Ham saw his dad naked and told his other brothers. They covered him up and walked out backwards so they could not see their father’s naked body. After Noah woke from his hangover, he cursed Ham (Canaan) & his descendants and he blessed Shem & Japheth, this curse meant Ham will always serve his brothers.

Genesis 10: Family tree of Noah’s sons

v. 2-5, Japheth’s sons

v. 6-20, Ham’s (AKA…Canaan) sons. Out of Ham came the Philistines, Sodom & Gomorrah. Hmmm…that makes sense.

v.21-31, Shem’s sons.

v.32, all three sons developed into nations. All the nations of the earth came from these 3 sons after the Great Flood.

Genesis 11: Tower of Babel

v.1-4, the whole world spoke ONE LANGUAGE. Many people travelled East, upon a plain in the land of Shinar (Babylon) and settled there. They began to make bricks and build a city and tower that reaches to Heaven so that they could be FAMOUS and not be SCATTERED all over the earth [as God commanded].

v.5-7, God came to down to see the city and tower. He said “one people, one language, this is just the 1st step, imagine what they can do next–they’ll stop at nothing.” WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?

God told the people to scatter all over the earth and be fruitful and multiply but instead these people settled in one place — Babylon. This was a blatant rebellion against God’s command. The Tower was like a shrine dedicated to the god or goddess of the Sun, Moon or Stars they worshipped. All things that needed to be stopped so God did something…

v.8-9, God SCATTERED them across the earth by GARBLING their speech so they couldn’t understand each other and The Tower & the city never got built. It is called BABEL because God confused the language of the whole earth so they didn’t understand each other (he turned their language into “babble”).

v.10-32, the story of Shem to Abram. After Terah had his son Abram (who married Sarai) he took his family and his grandson Lot to live in Canaan. They ended up in Harah there Terah died after 205 yrs.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? After God wipes the slate clean of sin/evil and gives Noah & his family (now the human race) a fresh start what do they do–screw up again! Then later on the humans disobey God and build The Tower of Babel, and again God has to step. This tells me that I am bent to sin so even more than ever I need God’s guidance in my life.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Because I know I have a tendency to sin I need to first ask God for help me EACH DAY and second I shouldn’t allow myself in situations/circumstances where I will be tempted to sin.

God, help me to stay away from situations or circumstances that will tempt me to sin. Help me to ask you for this each day of my life. I need your help.

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