Day 3…Genesis 6-8:

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Genesis 6: Giants in the Land (World gone wrong)

v.1-4, giants =a union between the Sons of God & the Daughters of Men. God saw all this and decided that humans wouldn’t live a long long time (over 800 yrs) BUT they can expect a life span of 120 yrs.

The Story of Noah:

v.5-7, evil was everywhere – humans were out of control. God was sorry he made the human race!! [Wow!] He decided to GET RID (destroy/kill) of his ruined creation and start all over — clean sweep.

v.8, BUT Noah was different! He found favour with the Lord (God liked what he saw in Noah)

v.9-10, Noah: godly man, full of integrity <– he was known for this in his community. He walked with God (close relationship). He had 3 sons: Shem, Ham & Japheth.

v.11-12, God saw the earth became corrupt (sewer of sin) and full of violence. He took a look around and saw how bad it was–>corruption everywhere–>corruption to the core.

v.13, God spoke to Noah–>”it’s all over. It’s the end of the human race. There is violence everywhere. I have decided to DESTROY the human race and everything on the earth…” [except you and your family!]

v.14-16, build an ARK (large boat from cypress wood=gopher wood). Make rooms in it, coat it with pitch inside and out so it’s waterproof. Make decks and stalls throughout. SIZE: 1.5 football fields long or 450 ft long; 75 ft wide; 45 ft high. Build a roof for it and put a window (or opening) 18″ from the top. Put in a door on the side and make 3 decks: lower, middle and upper.

v.17-22, God’s plan: FLOOD THE EARTH! I will cover the whole earth with water and destroy everything alive under heaven. Everything on the earth will die!

v.18, God’s covenant with Noah: YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WILL COME ABOARD AND BE SAVED! Take 2 of each living creature (male & female) to keep them alive during the flood (preserve their species). 2 of every bird, mammal, reptiles & birds. Bring food and store it for them to eat. —–>Noah did everything exactly as God commanded him to do. [Would you? Would I? It took Evan (Evan Almighty) to be almost forced into doing exactly as God commanded. I think that would have been me.]

Genesis 7: The Flood

v.1, God told Noah to get on board the ark, “you and all your family” –> “out of everyone on the earth , you’re the righteous one.”

v.2-3, more instructions: take with you 7 pairs (male & female) of clean animals (those approved for eating & sacrificing), 1 pair (male & female) of unclean animals and 7 pairs of every kind of bird (male & female).

—-> Why male & female? to ensure life will survive on the earth after the Flood. Obviously you need both have offspring.

v.4-5, in 7 days God will make it pour (dump) rain on the earth for 40 DAYS & 40 NIGHTS until the Flood has wiped out all living creatures he created                             …. again Noah obeyed all God commanded

v.6-12, Noah was 600 yrs old when the Flood came. He and his whole family went on board the ark to escape the flood (& all the animals already mentioned). As God said it would: after 7 days the rains came and flooded the whole earth and continued for 40 day & 40 nights.

v.13-16, The author repeats again…Noah and his family along with the animals board the boat and God SHUTS the DOOR!

v.17-24, Flood continued for 40 days and water rose and lifted up the ark high about the earth. The Flood even was as higher then the highest mountain (22 ft above)! –>EVERYTHING THAT LIVED ON THE EARTH DIED!<– Animal to man where all destroyed, only people who survived were Noah and his family. Flood continued for 150 days.

Genesis 8: Flood recedes

v.1-5, God sends a wind to blow and the flood water began to go down (because God thought of Noah & those with him on the ark). Underground springs were shut off and the rain from the sky stopped. Inch by inch the water lowered. After 150 days the worst was over (5 months from the time the Flood began (NLT). 7th day of the 7th month=July 7 (MSG) the ark rested on Mount Ararat. 2.5 months later or 1oth month of the 1st day= Oct 1 (MSG) the waters cont’d to go down and the top of the mountain peak started to come into view.

v.6-7, 40 days later, Noah opened the window and released a RAVEN. It flew back and forth waiting for waters to dry up. No luck!

v.8-9, then Noah sent out a DOVE to check out the Flood conditions (to find dry ground) but the dove couldn’t find any place to land (perch)–water still covered the earth. Noah reached out and caught it brought it back into the ark…for now.

v.10-11, 7 days later Noah sent out the dover again. It came back the evening with an olive leaf in it’s beak (Noah knew the Flood waters were almost gone).

v.12, Noah waited another 7 days and sent out the dove a 3rd time. This time it didn’t come back!

v.13-14, Noah was now 601 years old and on the 1st of January (NLT) the Flood finally dried up. Noah opened the hatch and saw that the ground was dry. By Feb 27 (MSG) the earth was completely dry.

v.15-19, God spoke to Noah…”leave the ark! Release everything so they can reproduce.” Noah, his family and every living creature left the ark family by family!

v.20, Noah built an altar to God and sacrificed clean animals/birds to God.

v.21-22, God smelt the offerings aroma and “was pleased” and said to himself: “I will never again curse the ground because of people. I know they have this bent towards EVIL from an early age, but I’ll never again kill off everything living as I’ve just done.”

As long as the earth last, there will be… planting & harvesting, cold & heat, summer & winter, day & night (they will never stop).

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? God can’t stand evil and sin and will destroy it and did. But more importantly he loves us and promises he will never destroy the human race as whole ever again. He also promises that normal life will continue. I know he loves me and like he continued to be since the Flood, he will be patient with me when I screw up–which is a lot. He even knows we have a bent towards sin and he still loves us and forgives us.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Be more committed to God and my relationship with him. I know this will be hard. But with God’s help I can do it.

God, help me to make you #1 in my life.


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