Day 2…Genesis 3-5:

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Genesis 3: Disobedience = SIN!

v.1-3, Serpent (AKA…Satan) confronts Eve (woman) regarding eating of the tree in the middle of the garden. He asks he if God told her to not eat from EVERY TREE in the garden, of course this is ridiculous & she says “of course we can eat from any of the trees in the garden EXCEPT the tree in the middle [BUT she misquotes or adds her own twist:] “God also said not to TOUCH the fruit from the tree.” <—this part is a lie!

v.4, Serpent lies to Eve also

“you won’t die! The moment you eat from this tree YOUR EYES WILL BE OPENED and you will be LIKE GOD knowing good from evil.”

What he really meant: “you will see what’s really going on!”

v.5-7, so Eve saw it looked good and realized she would get wisdom [she would know everything] from it, so she ATE IT! And then she gave it to Adam (man) to eat it as well.

At that moment they realized they were NAKED! And they made “clothes” out of fig leaves to cover themselves up — they felt SHAME!

v.8-9, they heard God strolling the garden in the evening so they HID from God [can you really hide from God??] God called out to Adam “where are you?”

v.10-11, Adam replies that he was afraid when he heard God because he was naked — shame. He didn’t want God to see or know what he had done.

“Who told you you were naked?”

Then God asked  if he ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil and reminds Adam that he was commanded not to!

v.12, Adam passes the buck and blames Eve (AKA…”the woman you gave me”)

v.13, God confronts Eve “what have you done?” And Eve passes the buck and blames the Serpent. Eve: “the Serpent seduced me” <– deceived or tricked.

v.14-19, PUNISHMENT TIME (Paradise Lost!)

SERPENT – you’re cursed beyond all animals. You will crawl on your belly and eat dirt. War between you and the woman (including your offspring and her’s. Her son will wound your head and you will wound his heel.

WOMAN – you’ll have unbearable pain in childbirth.Your husband will rule over you even though you’ll want to control him.

MAN – the ground is cursed because of you (weeds). Getting food from the ground will be painful as having babies for your wife. Getting food will be the HARD way: planting, tilling, harvesting and all by the sweat of your brow).

v.20-21, Adam (man) named his wife Eve=mother of all who live. God made leather clothes (made from animal skins) for Adam & Eve.

v.22-23, ADAM & EVEN ARE BANISHED FROM THE GARDEN FOREVER! God was concerned that they would eat from the other tree (TREE OF LIFE) and live forever so he expelled them from the Garden of Eden and told them to work the ground.

v.22, God is speaking to the rest of the Trinity  “man has become like US knowing everything, ranging from good to evil. What if they eat from the fruit of the Tree of Life and live forever? NEVER– this cannot happen!!”

–> If Adam & Eve ate from the Tree of Life, they would live forever AS SINNERS and their future would be BLEAK! Irony of this verse shows that even though man’s quest to be “like God” (v.5-7) was obtained, the goal itself proved to be undesirable because he was long “with God” (v.22)

v.24, after God expelled them out of the garden, he stationed an Angel-Cherubim east of the Garden entrance and a flaming sword of fire guarding the path to the Tree of Life.  —> Sin had expelled Adam & Eve from Paradise  😦

Genesis 4: Cain & Abel – the 1st murder!

v.1-2, Adam & Eve had 1st Cain (farmer) then Abel (shepherd). They both eventually brought an offering to God… Cain offered some of his crops BUT Abel offered the BEST of his firstborn of his lambs.

God accepted Abel’s offering BUT didn’t accept Cain’s! —> this made Cain ANGRY and went into a SULK.

v.6-7, God asked Cain why he was angry and why he was sulking. God says “if you do well (or what is right) <— this language implies that previous instructions had been given as to the mode of worship; Abel offered through faith (Hebrews 11:4)… you will be accepted BUT if you refuse to do what is right (and sin) watch out!” Sin is lying and wait! Ready to take over, you have to master it. In other words, you anger is going to get the best of you and cause you to sin…don’t let it!

v.9-10, Cain took his brother out to the fields (a trick). He attacked Abel and KILLED him! Then the Lord came to Cain and asked him where Abel was [BTW…when God ask where someone is, he already knows. God is giving the person a chance to “fess-up” to God]. Cain compounded his sin by LYING: “I don’t know, am I my brother’s babysitter/guardian/keeper?” The Lord said

“What have you done? Abel’s blood is calling to me from the ground.”

v.11-12, PUNISHMENT FOR CAIN –> you are banished from the same ground that your brother’s blood cries from. You’ll farm the ground but it will no longer give its best (no matter how hard you try and how long you try you won’t give you good crops/fruits. And you will be a homeless wanderer on the earth — vagabond/fugitive.

v.13-14, Cain complains: “MY PUNISHMENT is too MUCH!  “You have thrown me off the land, I can never face you again, I’m a homeless wanderer & whoever finds me will KILL ME! I can’t take it!”

v.15-16, God tells Cain, “NO, anyone who kills you will pay for it 7 times over!” God put a mark on Cain to protect him so that whoever met him wouldn’t kill him. Cain left God’s presence and lived in no-man’s land East of Eden (land of Nod=wandering).

v.17-22, CAIN’S FAMILY TREE: Cain (somehow got a wife)…they had Enoch (Cain built a city & named it after him). Enoch has Irad, Irad had Mehujal who had Methushael who had Lamech. Lamech married 2 wives Adah (2 sons: Jabal & Judal) & Zillah (son: Tudal-Cain & daughter: Naamah)

v.23-29, Lamech killed a young man who attacked him. He told his wives “if Cain is avenged 7 times them for me 77 times.” What???

v.25-26, Adam & Eve had another son – Seth=God has granted me another son to replace Abel. Seth had Enosh – this is when man began worship God by name.

Genesis 5: 1-32, Family Tree of the Human Race

When God made humans, he made them to be like him. To be male and females and blessed them and called them “humans.”

Adam (130) had Seth (son). Adam lived another 800 yrs having more sons & daughters. He lived 930 yrs and died.

Seth (105) had Enosh (son). Seth lived another 807 yrs having more kids & lived 912 yrs and died.

Enosh (90) had Kenan (son). Enosh lived another 815 yrs having more kids & lived 905 yrs and died.

Kenan (70) had Mahalalel (son). Kenan lived another 840 yrs having more kids & lived 910 yrs and died.

Mahalalel (65) had Jared (son). Mahalalel lived total of 895 yrs and died.

Jared (62) had Enoch (son). Jared lived another 800 yrs having more kids & lived to 962 yrs and died.

Enoch-2nd one (65) had Methuselah (son). Enoch walked steadily with God and lived another 300 yrs, had more kids and lived to 365 yrs and died.

Methuselah-OLDEST man that EVER LIVED (187) had Lamech (son). Mathuselah lived another 782 yrs, total 969 yrs then died!

Lamech (182) had Noah-will give all mankind a break from the hard work of farming the earth God cursed (son). Lamech lived another 595 yrs having more kids and lived to 777 yrs and died.

Noah (500) had Shem, Ham & Japheth (sons)

WHAT DOES THIS all MEAN TO ME? Lots to take in. 1st, with disobedience/sin comes consequences/punishment! Both sins mentioned there was a consequence. 2nd, God protected Cain even though he deserved DEATH. This is a glimpse into God’s grace which he is going to give to all of us through his Son — and he did!

I need to be mindful of the sins I commit (or more importantly, don’t do them and don’t give in to the temptation) because there will be consequences – that are no picnic – as bad as Cain’s! But I am thankful for God’s grace when I do sin. And for his forgiveness when I ask for it (1 John 1:9).

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Ask for protection from temptation each day. Ask God to help me with my “pet sin” (the one I hold onto and constantly commit) that I will rid it from my life. And to confess my sins daily. And thank God for his grace and forgiveness.

God, thank you for always forgiving me even though I do the same sins over and over again. And help me to remember to confess my sins to you daily. Help me to rid my life of my “pet sin.”

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