Day 1 of my journey…Genesis 1-2:

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Intro to Genesis: God first & last…GOD, GOD, GOD! Genesis pulls us into a sense of reality that is God-shaped and God-filled. It speaks of where we come from and where we’re going, what we think and what we do, the people we live with and how to get along with them. The troubles we find ourselves in and the blessings that keep arriving. Genesis presents us with stories of people we know from Sunday School (at least I do) who love, fought, believed, doubted, had children (lots of children), married, sinned and experienced grace! Stories we can relate to easily because we could see ourselves in them!

Genesis 1: The Beginning of EVERYTHING! Spoken into existence by God!

v. 1-5, Day 1: light from darkness. Day = light; night = dark.

v. 6-8, Day 2: sky & water. Sky = heaven

v.9-13, Day 3: land (trees, plants, fruits). Land = earth; pooled water = ocean.

v.14-19, Day 4: separated day from night. Marked the seasons, day, years (glimpse of the calendar). 2 big lights placed in the sky. Day larger light (sun?) Night smaller light (moon?) and made the stars.

v.20-23, Day 5: filled oceans with fish, sea life (huge whales) and birds in the sky then God told them to reproduce.

v.24-31, Day 6: animals created: cattle, reptiles, wild animals, bugs. IN GOD’S IMAGE–>HUMAN BEINGS–>male & female. God told them to reproduce, fill the earth. They were also in charge/responsible for all of earth’s creatures. v.30, God said he gives HUMANS everything that grows moves and breathes for food. v.31, God looked over everything he made and saw that it was VERY GOOD!

Genesis 2: God rests!

v.1-4, Day 7: everything was complete and on the 7th day God RESTED! He declared the day holy.

This is the story of how all was created — on heaven & earth.

v.5-6, no rain yet and no people to cultivate the earth. Instead the earth was watered by unground springs.

v.7, God formed MAN out of the dirt from the ground and blew into his nostrils the “breath of life.” He became ALIVE! Living soul!

v.8, God planted a garden in Eden (East), placed man in the garden.

v.9, God made all kinds of trees (good to look at & to eat). In the middle of the garden were 2 trees: TREE OF LIFE & TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD & EVIL.

v.10-14, 4 rivers watered the garden: 1.Pishon from Havilah. 2.Gihon from Cush. 3.Tigris fro East of Assyria & 4. Euphrates.

v.15, man was put into the garden to take care of it and keep it in order.

v.15-17, God WARNED/COMMANDED man: “you can eat of any tree in the garden except from the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD & EVIL –> if you eat from it you will DIE!”

v.18-25, God created animals (also from the dirt) so man would not be ALONE. God made the animals and birds for man to name each one BUT there still wasn’t a suitable companion for man. SO…God put man into a deep sleep, removed one of his ribs (1st surgery) and made WOMAN from it and presented her to man. Man named her “WOMAN” because she came from his BONE & FLESH…made from man.

This is why a man… leaves his Mom & Dad and joins with his wife and 2 become 1!

INTERESTING NOTE: they both were NAKED but they felt NO shame.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO ME? It is still awesome to think God SPOKE all creation into existence. It tells me clearly  God is all powerful and can do or say anything he wants. This account is less about HOW and more about WHO! Life began with GOD!! This tells me I need to focus more on my relationship with HIM and less about all the other “STUFF” that gets in the way. Life “stuff.” Things I think is more important than my relationship with God and I put in place (or before) God.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Focus more on my relationship with God then anything else…even TV, movies & yes even ministry!

God, hold me to this!!!

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My journey thru the Bible Day 2…Genesis 3-5:

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